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is it normal for a child to vomit 5-6 days after they have had the flu?

Posted by citykttn

my daughter has been sick with the flu for the past week; consistant fever for 4 days, bad cough, sore throat.  i took her to the doctor on thursday and got a strep test which came up negative (she was exposed to strep by her aunt), which was day 3 of fevers and was advised to come back if she still had the fever on friday.  she did not have a fever on friday, she felt better all day yesterday, no fever, no fever during the day the day today, then she started throwing up in the middle of her sleep (without coughing) and has a fever again.  she did not vomit previously this week, only had the symptoms of a cold plus a fever.  she did not eat anything questionable i don't think, but we did go to the beach since she was feeling better.  is this normal for a flu to go into a stomach thing?  her fever is 103 right now and the poor little thing is shaking in her sleep. 
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