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Is it common for a toddler to get swollen hands and feet?

Posted by Michelle

I noticed that yesterday my daughters (2 1/2 years old) hands were bright red for most of the day.  This morning when she woke up her hands and feet were red and swollon.  When I rubbed on her hands, feet, and up her legs these bright white whelp looking spots would appear and stay there for several minutes before returning to the red.  She also acted like they were painful and was walking on her toes.  I took her to the doctor today and was told that she was having a reaction to a virus.  They said that kids react differently to viruses and that she was just having a "reaction that is causing her blood vessells to over-react to some virus she has been exposed to".  (She did have diarrhea over the weekend.).  I have 6 kids and have never heard of this before!  Has anyone ever seen or heard of this condition before?  Thank You for your help!
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My 5 yr old son has exactly the same thing, he had diarrhea for a couple of days and now he is in pain with his hands and feet, they are swollen and got white bumps. Did you find out what it was. Taking him to doctors on monday.
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