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is child obesity parents fault?

Posted by Dr. Han

Dr Han

I think the morsis of the bioligical statement is portationing to the amount of legus. Child obesity is a posterapic point of dicratic malipitation. Child obesity should not be increasing as for is it parents fault of the dramalication of partimy?

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I think that parents contribute about 90% towards their child being obese. Too many parents allow there kids to eat whatever they want at a young age to shut them up or to just make them happy, but i think when you start them that why, it makes them think eating unhealthy is okay. I also think that in this economy it makes it harder for families to afford healthier foods each week. For instance, today, we bought just enough produce to last us a week and then our normal grocery list and it put us about $100 over what we usually spend! That is crazy. Healthy foods should definitely be more available for anyone to purchase at a lower price, but that subject lours me to a totally separate question...
I think that child obesity is about 80% to 90% the adults fault.  Who else is there to teach these children to eat this way?  My aunt would not let you leave her table until you had finished your plate.  Even if that person was full, it had to be eaten.  To her is was worse to be wasteful of food.  But I'm thinking this is how it all gets started!!  I was lucky my mom was not like her sister in that way and I was always the skinny one of the family!  Also, think about these older teens and upper twenties young adults that are already where they can't get out of bed and they live with family, who do you think goes to the store, gets their food, cooks it, and brings it to them in bed.  It's crazy.  I refuse to let myself think that if my son was 900 pounds and could do NOTHING for him self that I would enable him to keep getting larger by supplying everything he needs.   I would feel like I was killing him by helping.  If I had a child addicted to drugs I wouldn't supply drugs to him in fear that it would kill him.  So what's the difference??  Please son't get me wrong I would feed my child but it would be a regular size portion not double or triple like you see some of those people feeding their children!!
I think that a childs obesity is definetely partly the parents fault. They are the ones that buy the groceries and cook the meals and make the lunhes. What you bring into the home food wise has a huge part in it. Alot of parents don't want to cook these days so they'll buy fast food for dinner which is a huge mistake. Kids also copy what parents eat and take on their eating habits as well. Remember...usually these children don't have money. They're eating what you buy them!!!

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I think it really depends on how close the parent is to the child. For children constantly in day cares, school, or with babysitters because of working parents, the parents are not to blame. On the other hand, if a child is with a parent often, these habits can be controlled--as long as they aren't encouraged by an adult. Parents should control their kids' eating habits from an early age, and we should encourage kids not to eat when they aren't hungry.
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