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Injections and Minor Procedure

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:59pm

This morning we saw the surgeon about the extra granulation tissue around our mickey button. He said it looked pretty good, but since it was oozing more than normal lately, he agreed to cauterize the wound with silver nitrate, and we will be following up with steroid cream for any future granulation tissue that may grow. First, they removed his button, and spread on some anethetic cream to numb the area. Then he wipes that off, and takes these long, match-like sticks and rubs it on the moist tissue, and it turns it a grey color, and eventually it will shrivel up. Since the tube was out over 20 minutes, the doc tried 3 or 4 times to get it back in to no avail, so he had to use a temporary tubing and kind of "stirred it around" to make his hole a little bigger, and then he got the original button back in. Doc says part of the reason we have overgrowth, is he is getting bigger and needs a longer button - it is too close to the skin. So we ordered a new one, and will have to get that one put it once it arrives. The doctor also confirmed that those ER docs who put air in his mickey screwed up, and they were supposed to use water like we said!! You can bet I will be contacting hospital administration about getting those charges for the second ER visit taken off our bill!

Then the home health nurse helped me give my first injection to Baby B today... I was pretty nervous, but she said I did fine. We will see how it goes tomorrow, I hope I do OK. Shala had her first treatment today, and says she feels pretty good - but is really tired.

Braden was introduced to most of mommy's co-workers and employees today - he had many admirers;-) I know some of my students are anxious to hold him! We will be sure to log any more updates, we may have more to share after our bloodwork is taken tomorrow and we have OT/PT wednesday. Thanks for checking up on us!!
Kodi, Brad, & Braden
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