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Information about very visible veins on the torso and face for a 20 month old male caucasion child.

Posted by walsh5

My 20 month old son has been quite active today and this evening while getting him ready for bed we noticed that the veins on his torso and on the sides of his face near his eyes were extremely visible.  He had the H1N1 vaccine on Friday morning and has not seemed to have any adverse effects, but we wanted to be sure that this could not be related or that it is not something to be seriously worried about.  He has fair skin, so it is not unusual to see a vein here and there, but his belly and chest looked like someone had drawn on them with a green marker.  Any information would be very much appreciated.
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Hi, no answer here ether. I have  a 3 yr toddler she is a twin. She has patches of hair that never grew on head. Very visible veins also. She also is fair and very petite. Her twin brother has a severe heart condition and a MYH7 gene that caused his heart failure at 8 weeks old ,dilated cardiomypathy. They thought his twin sister has mild cerabal palsy. But I'm not sure since she has other things mentioned. Any answers would be helpful. She does not have the gene MYH7.
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