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Posted Jul 18 2013 1:28am

The battlefield robots or 2 year, experts say it could only when in a supporting role

In Cameron's movie the terminator of the opening, in a piece of dark books and future battlefield, intelligent battle robot T800 type, under the command of skynet, ruthlessly to remaining army almost driven to human beings.

14, a message appeared, let many people happen to coincide to associate with "the terminator". [b][url=]fitflop for sale[/url][/b]

, CCTV reported, according to American press Boston dynamics for the development of the world's most advanced humanoid robot "Atlas (Atlas)", the robot in the future may be like a man to rescue work in dangerous environment.

, the report said the United States congress passed a bill, by 2015, one-third of the ground combat robot soldiers, will be used for this purpose, will invest up to $127 billion in research funding.

Robot, and its service and rebellion in humans, is a science fiction and one of the great classical proposition in the movie. Now, we really stand on the threshold of the open robot war era?

The army in 2015 a third of the land will use the robot

According to the report, "atlas" height 1.9 meters, weight 150 kg, this figure as a basketball player. It's "eyes" are the two stereo sensors, have two dexterous hand, can under the real-time remote control, through a complex terrain.

After Boston dynamics of online video, "atlas" fully shows the outstanding balance. It in its stride a conveyor belt, for example, avoid suddenly appeared on the conveyor belt of wood; Jumped off the firmly ground from a height; On both sides of the two legs are apart from the trap, then ran up the stairs; Standing on one leg, are hit from the side of the ball to fail, and so on. These are all past bipedal robots can't do.

In fact, the robot soldiers serving in the army would have abound. In 2007, there have been 5000 ground robots to join us, at least 10 smart robot wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CCTV's reports also revealed that the U.S. congress has passed legislation to: by 2015, one-third of the ground combat robot soldiers, will be used for arms research into history of the nation's largest single fee of $127 billion, in order to achieve the future must finish all the soldiers on the battlefield combat missions, including attack and protection, looking for targets. The army's future a brigade combat units, including at least 151 robot.

"Americans so big investment scale, should have strategic traction role." Academy of military sciences experts Du Wenlong interpretation way, "in the United States, there are some very avant-garde advanced equipment plan, really realize is not much, but for the development of the technology, the military, civilian areas even will produce very big."

In his view, if a robot is true, the project may be as "Star Wars" anti-missile technology development, promote play a similar role.

Du Wenlong: currently, the robot [b][url=]cheap ray ban wholesale[/url][/b] is only a supporting role on the battlefield

Robot soldiers, no feelings, no surrender, I do not know fatigue, hunger and pain, its strength, awareness, speed and anti-damage ability are far more than human... "Terminator" gave people the impression that the future will become a reality?

"In fact, to humanity's current level of science and technology, robot combat is still in the very early stage, the gap is very large in the battle against real autonomy."

Du Wenlong told reporters that the current robot, including unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the vast majority are remote control was made, and like the x-47b's so-called "independent" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), just to complete some stylized movements.

"The current robot, survival ability in high threat to battlefield environment is very fragile." This is because the "autonomy" of today's robots are also very "stupid", there is not much strain capacity; Instructions for the remote control robot, the data link is more vulnerable to interference, cannot guarantee absolute "obedient" robot.

Therefore, no breakthrough in artificial intelligence research, before robots on the battlefield, can be in a supporting role. "Them or replace human in high-risk environments from the front, a mission, to reduce casualties; or replace human labor." "Atlas" is designed to aid.

"In addition, made of bipedal humanoid robot soldiers, completely unnecessary." Du Wenlong, explains that people were playing area is large, poor stability, strength is weak, fragile in the barrage, even eating a grenade might be folded.

"With artificial intelligence, can install it in [b][url=]cheap fitflop[/url][/b] defense, fire, and maturity are very high on tanks, planes, ships, it can maximize the battle efficiency." Du Wenlong think, to imagine future combat robots, should not be shackled by the stereotype of the science fiction film.

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