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Increasing urea level randomly in newborn

Posted by binu

My kid 1 month was in hospital for the last 15 days after she was admitted to due excess dehydration. Later found blood urea as 145. After giving fluid dextrose 10%, it came down to 77, 30 etc. After removing her from ventilator support, she is started feeding breast milk and after 4 days again Urea shoot to 60. Once the fluid is given, the urea level comes down very fast. Otherwise she is sucking breast milk without any issue. This repeated twice in the hospital - like increasing of blood urea. Kidney scanning & tests are done, but could not find any issues. We noticed that whenever the urea is starting to increase, the kid will not urinate and also heavy vomiting occurs. What could be the reason? Please answer in layman's language. Thanks
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