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Posted Feb 22 2011 12:00am

I haven't done ICLW in a long time. You join a list of blogs and then for a week you all go around reading and commenting on the other list members blogs. It always turns out to be more work than I anticipate, but it's good. I always appreciate it when people on the list do a quick ICLW Intro post, and we are one one day in, so here's mine.
Married September 2002
Pregnant (on pill) October 2004
Charlotte diagnosed via triple screen, amnio, with partial trisomy 16, partial monosomy 9 in Early 2005, due to paternal balanced translocation. Chose to carry to term, expecting stillbirth.
Charlotte born June 2005 full term via c-section, 6 lbs 5 oz. Came home at 3 days to pass away at home.Lived.
Wound up pregnant again February 2008. (on pill). CVS fails, chose not to retest. Born healthy October 2008.
Charlotte, after living a happy, difficult, joyful life, passes away February 21 2009from complications from RSV.
Decide to pursue IVF with PGD. Unimpressed with local clinic #1, after some testing showing I'm ultra fertile and Zar has a pretty darn good percentage of healthy sperm, we change clinics, and decide to start IVF in February 2010.
Approached at work by a friend who knows someone looking for adoptive family. Meet birth mom January 2010. IVF canceled.
Find out I'm pregnant again on March 5th 2010. Pretty sure mother intuition tells me baby is not healthy. Confirmed via CVS April 2010. Same diagnosis as Charlotte.
Ava is born May 5 2010. I'm with birthmom in OR, delivered by my OB. Very special.
Lily is born October 17 2010 via c-section. I am told not to get pregnant again due to nearly ruptured uterus (FINE BY ME!). Lily spends a month in NICU, gets feeding tube.
Lily comes home. Adoption finalized December 2010. Lily starts having seizures.
Lily passes away at home in daddy's arms February 6 2011, after a short, hard, but meaningful life.
Now we work on the next phase, grieving, remembering. I figure if we are meant to have more I will feel it in the next few years or someone will approach us again--miracle of miracles. For now we are a family of four on earth, two in heaven, working on finding our new, new, new, new, new normal...again...

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