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I rearly use Voice Actions on my Android tablet or even any speech to text app

Posted Feb 17 2012 7:40am

Big "meh."  A subpar 7" android tablet. And if you are serious about reading books, e-ink is the only way to go. Far easier on the eyes, instant-on, and batteries last for weeks and weeks. Almost like a real book, with a few added features like font sizing and huge volumetric advantage over p-books. These tablet "reader" (Fire, Nook Color) are just mini-tablets, another pain-in-the-butt device to be recharged daily and still run out of juice at the wrong moment!

 So pretty much it is not the most powerful tablet, but it does what it is designed for very well. All for $200, yeah definitely going to get one. I think I am getting it as a Christmas gift, so I will have to wait. The only thing I don't like is no hdmi, but I can use my phone for that I guess (Motorola Atrix).

The one thing I don't like about tablets in general is the limited functionality (imagine doing matlab or solidworks on a tablet). This is fine itself, but they tend to cost as much as computers and some lower end laptops. It seems like you are getting less for more. Only those who want a mic or actually enjoy talking to a piece of equipment instead of people.  I doubt Amazon is lamenting that decision.  I rearly use Voice Actions on my Android tablet or even any speech to text app.  Even for Twitter or texting.  I reary press the mic button.  I've used it once or twice to try it, but it's not my favorite form of text imput.

 The people who buy a Kindle Fire won't be disappointed.  Because the iPad is dead to them at its current price.   People who COULD be buying an iPad generally will already or will continue to plan to buy one.  Everyone else (and in this economy, it is quite a few people) will be looking hard at the value priced tablets for the tablet experience for simple things like web browsing, simple 2D gaming, and Netflix watching.  For these things, the Kindle Fire works well.

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