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I never knew....

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:03pm
There are a many things I never knew until I had a child, especially one who is differently abled, most of the things I have learned along the way are happy things, like sheer joy and a love like I never knew before. But today, I learned something I thought I knew before, but really didn't. Today, I learned what a true broken heart felt like.

When I went to pick Jackson up from school, his teacher told me he was sad at recess, when she took him aside and asked him if he was sad, he responded "yes". She asked him why he was sad, to which he responded "Because I want to play like the other kids"---meaning he wanted to climb and run with his peers. Right then and there, my heart smashed into a million pieces, I was so sad and taken aback, I thought we had a couple of years before we enter this phase---guess I was wrong. But I am eternally grateful for his teacher, who helped to glue parts of my heart back together when she told me that she took him and helped him climb with the other kiddos. It's nice to know that she knows the importance, not only to Jackson but to his mommy!

My heart is still broken, but not my spirit and neither seem to be bothering Jackson, he has been his rough and tumble self all evening. I know in the end, it will all be fine and Jackson will continue to amaze me and all those around us.
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