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I'm only 13 turning 14 why am i loosing hair and bruising so easily?

Posted by lalalily

I am only 13 turning 14 very healthy into all kinds of and tall and taking only a low dose birth control and daily multi-vitamins.....I have looked at many sites and i hope this one can answer my question on why I'm loosing huge amounts of hair everytime i shower or even run my fingers through my hair. Also why even the slightest thing like a scratch for instance will turn into a bruise the size of an orange.
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Have your doctor test you for hypo or hyper thyroidism. My son was losing all kinds of hair and vomiting every day for many months it took transfering my son to a different doctor to finally get someone to listen to me and take tests to find out. Now that my son is on thyroid medication his hair has grown back and is thicker than it ever has been. You may also want to read the information packet or search the web on your birth control pill and find out if that is one of the side effects of the pill.
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