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I have a 7 year old who gets inconsistent severe stomach cramps. I have had blood, urine and stool tests with nothing turning u

Posted by staceyo

This has been happening since she was 2, but infrequent,  it will happen everyday for a week then disappear for 2 weeks.  Might go for 6 months, it happens at any time during the day, wheather she has eaten or not, gone to the toilet or not. It has even woken her up at night.
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I just saw your post.... I am not sure if you are still having stomach trouble with your 7yr old. But I have had the same trouble with my daughter. Finally I got somewhat of an answer.... she had a colonoscopy & an endooscopy and we discovered that she has "isomaltase difficiency" basically what that means is she has a low tolerance for suger. NOT like diabetes but her intestines that secretes an enzyme to digests sugar particles produces small amounts of enzymes. So we have decreased her sugar intake... low sugar jam, syrup, cereals and limit her cookie and or candy intake. Things have improved  A LOT!! We even reduced her milk intake.... the lactose sugar was too much for her to handle. We either water down her milk or she has soy milk.   Hope this helps you!

~Still learning, Brentwood, Calif.

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