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i have a 2 year old little boy and his penis has never got hard. I think this is unusual because my elder sons would go hard if

Posted by Renuka

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I just bumped into this "?" while doing some research this morn and since you had no answer so far I'd thought I'd offer some of my knowledge to you and possibly others here now and then. I have needed to do much study and research in male health and many people here have questions I can answer, so I signed up here this morning.

I doubt that this would be a concern of a 2 year old himself. But if you are worried and /or certain that he has never been getting erections "never got hard" which is how I have interpreted your question, I strongly advise that he should be taken to a physician for thorough examination. There are some known causes of erections failing to develope in younger ages. Normally, erections are common especially during REM sleep in any age when the boy is healthy. The reason that some do not get erections is usually a result of neurological, vascular, hormonal, dietary imbalance or psycological type conditon/abnormality. Most young boys that have no erectile function for an extended period of time (several years) consequently have little to no penile growth during that period of time. This lack of penile growth is often the first and only reason of concern brought to the physician at the time that pre-pubertal erectile disfunction is first being suspected. With many different possible causes the treatment may be any number or combination of areas of medical focus. The boy should find his penile growth to reasume once the erectile function returns following successful treatment, however the penis may never catch-up from the period of non-growth. Boys that have no erectile function for many/all of their prepubescent years will have a significantly smaller than normal penis even after their completion of puberty. Furthermore as a second compliciation, if his erectile function does not reach near normal levels throughout his puberty he may never attain normal erectile function before and during adulthood and his penis will be significantly undersized. When this early erectile disfunction occures in uncircumcised males throughout puberty the foreskin is not as likely to be fully retractable even into adulthood. Which is a direct complication since the normal frequency of erections are believed to promote the dilation of the foreskin to ease full retraction.  So a prompt treatment for erectile disfunction in childhood is crucial to promoting normal erectile function and foreskin retractability as an adult.

I do not have any particular certification or intent to provide sound medical advise. My statements are to be viewed as my opinion of and my interpretation of the information that I've gathered previously from many sources.

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