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I feel like my brother is emotionally abusing me, but no one else seems to think so, am I just overreacting?

Posted by kendokid

I have an older brother who is 20 and still living at home. My parents seem to  think of him as the golden child so they never believe when my younger sister and I complain. I don't know if maybe I am just exaggerating and maybe it is a normal sibling thing. At first he would just call me names, and make fun of me. Then he started calling my friends names, so it got to the point where I wouldn't have friends over to my house because it was just too embarrassing. Lately he has begun threatening me if I don't let him have the TV or stupid things. He says he will block the websites I visit, or tell my parents some made up lie about me sneaking out or drinking. He has only hit me once or twice, and it wasn't anything serious, but it was enough to bruise. I want to know if I am just over reacting because no one else seems to think its a big deal.
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Hi. Your brother is disrespecting you,disregarding your feelings,bullying you,intimidating you,scaring you with what he may be capable of next,and you are worried enough to post this message.He is older than you and in a position of power? He should not be allowed to continue or he will feel empowered enough to continue bullying women in relationships?My guess is he is behaving in a way he has observed another male role model to do towards a female?The question is/ How do you protect yourself? If you challenge it you will stand risk of attack?Tr to remove yourself out of his world and dont give him accss to abuse
you did not say how old you are?I do not know if you are in a position to leave.Your parents are giving him the power to behave in this way by holding him in high regard,however he obviously has low self esteem to be abusing?Who is abusing him?....
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