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How To Motivate Kids To Keep Healthy This Winter

Posted Dec 28 2012 9:13pm

By Rebecca Jones

groupkidswbgKids are indeed parent’s joy of bundle. No parent can see a child suffer on any count. As a parent you must be wanting to see your child hale and hearty all around the year. Winters are a harsh time and you need to make extra efforts to motivate kids to stay healthy.

1.) Motivate them to eat healthy
Food has a direct impact on the health of your child. Make them eat healthy and ensure that they they take their daily dose of diet. To motivate them, you can give them a soup bowl of their choice prior to the dinner. This will act as a motivational factor and the kid will have dinner regularly.
Experiment with dishes and prepare some that are your child’s favorite. This will work instantly and all your worries about the child not having healthy diet will diminish.

2.) Take them on an outing

Sunday can be the best day to chill out with kids and the children will appreciate your gesture if you take them on familyan outing to their favorite place be it for a movie or a trip to the amusement park. The child will remain in best of their spirits if you follow this practice on a regular basis.

This also gives an opportunity to the kids to stretch their legs and move around as they have vacations during the harsh winter months. The more a kid gets chance to be outdoors with the family, the healthier they will stay. Ensure that the child has the proper clothing for the season before moving out.

3.) Plan a trip to relatives house

Health is not about being physically fit only and emotional quotient of happiness needs to be on the higher side, especially when one is talking about kids. Children relish being with cousins and friends of their age group and nothing better will work out for them, than a trip to a cousin’s place.
Plan a trip to a relatives place once a month during winter season. Let the children interact and mingle amongst themselves. You will notice that the kid is happy and this will reflect in every aspect of their life, be it physical well being or emotional happiness.

4.) Spend quality time with kids

familytvKids generally stay at home during winters and spend the time indoors. As a parent, you need to ensure that the kids remain hale and hearty all the time. This will keep them motivated and pepped up. Spend quality time with kids in the evening as you get back from a hectic day at work. Learn to listen to children and share their concerns. They will feel happy and will remain motivated enough to obey your commands, be it eating healthy food or doing some basic exercises indoors to remain in best of their health.

Kids only need your time and want you to listen to their concerns. As you learn to address their genuine concerns, you will notice that the child is motivated enough and fills the atmosphere of your home with genuine warmth, something that you always desire.

- Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. Besides this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own a Lexus LS 600h one day.

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