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How to Keep Doctors' Receptionists from Harming You

Posted Jul 09 2012 12:13pm

I was told an account the other day of a woman who nearly lost the vision in one eye because of a receptionist, who should never have been allowed to work in a doctor's office. The patient suddenly experienced blurring of vision in one eye and immediately called her eye doctor (opthalmologist). The secretary said the first appointment she could give her was five days away. Why this woman didn't insist on being seen that day is puzzling. She also could have gone to an emergency room or found another eye doctor. instead, she waited five days and by then  had a detached retina. Immediate eye surgery was done and there is a question if the vision in that eye can be saved.

When you have a sudden loss of vision, speech, motor control, a terrible headache, or chest pain an M.D. should see you immediately. If your doctor can't see you, then I would call 911 or have someone take you to an emergency room. There, too, you have to insist on being seen right away. None of us like to have to become aggressive or pushy, but with our present medical system, it could result in tragic results, if you don't assert yourself. No medical staff, or doctor, should ever intimidate you. You are in charge of your  life and the "squeaky wheel does get the grease."

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