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How long should tubes be left in childs ears. He is 6 years old.

Posted by dadbs2

How long should tubes be left in childs ear. My son is six years old and still gets infections.
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If he still gets infections with tubes in his ears, there are two broad possibilities; either he's getting a lot of water in his ear when he bathes or he is still medically prone to infections, usually due to poor eustachen tube function. First be sure to put ear plugs or simply cotton balls in his ears when he bathes. If he's still getting infections, be sure his ENT doctor has tested him for allergies and ask if allergy medicines could help or if his adenoids need to be removed as they can affect the eustachen tubes. Lastly, be sure your child is not exposed to 2nd hand smoke and ask his ENT if he thinks that reflux may be a problem.
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