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how long after taking antibiotics is a person still contagious with mrsa

Posted by TrayD

my 4 yr old nephew has mrsa with open boils my daughter has a recurring bladder infection and mrsa affects the bladder, how long should they stay away from each other been on antibiotics since sunday night
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My daughter has this same mrsa infection from what I know and have researched mrsa is with you forever but outbreaks come when you get open wounds and sores that get infected or something....some say you can DECOLONIZE It but I wouldn't recommend this for anyone under 8 because I dont think the kids would deal with the week long crap ya gotta do. Apparently as long as you keep the sores covered up if they aren't oozing and keep them inside away from people and hands washed everything constantly clean you can keep it under control away from others but when the rash and boils and such are present they can pass it through sneezing and coughing actually I think once they are carriers they can pass it anyways through stuff like that to. It's really Terrible. My sister just almost died from this.

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