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How do you feel about twitter hijacking your sites url's?

Posted Sep 03 2010 4:43pm

For me it doesn't matter so much if twitter switches all shortened urls to twitters new url shortener,, as long as they allow some sort of tracking system for users and you can still preview links in some twitter apps. But what commenter 'mahboud' below on says makes sense to me. Why can't twitter move to a larger character limit rather than limiting everyone to only 140 characters? Why hasn't cell phone technology improved to allow this? I know when I have gone over the 140 limit on my cell texting it has looped my message into a second message. I have also received text messages that do that, so why can't twitter tweets do that? and have helped resolve some of the character limit problems, but then you are redirected to those sites and not the actual blog or site you might own, unless your site url is shortened. Then you run into the problem of shortened url's that you must take a gamble clicking because there is no way to know where they redirect to unless you install powertwitter in your browser and tweet from the web or you use apps like hootsuite or tweetdeck which shows you where the shortened url redirects.

However, as points out, if all links are shortened through twitter with then twitter's service is likely to go over capacity more often, leading to more dreaded 'fail whales.' In addition, will it lead to twitter adding popups in the redirects or full page ads before the site you intend to visit is shown?

I don't know what twitter plans to do about improving their service reliability as many continue to get the 'fail whale' or because of api limits are restricted from posting if you exceed the limit. While twitter has a right to develop a business model and try to monetize their site, advertising links inserted before directing someone to the desired link could become annoying and deter some users from using twitter, but many may not mind it as long as the service remains free to use.

What are your thoughts?

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