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How do you determine if you're dealing w/ a rash, allergic reaction or chicken pox?

Posted by Silvermonkey18

My 4 year old has small light red spots all over his body, about 3-4 per square inch.  He broke out w/ these about 2 days ago w/ no itching or irritation and it went away in about an hour.  He'd been playing outside.  He just broke out again and now is complaining of itchiness. The bumps are light in color and not really risen any more than that of a non smooth skin type.  Any ideas?  We've not treated him w/ anything yet as I'm not sure what it is.  Really doubt it's chicken pox or measles.  Thinking maybe allergic reaction, but the only thing in common w/ both outbreaks is that he was playing outside.  And not even in the same location.  He was w/ me(his mom) the first time and right now he's currently at his grandfathers.
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