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How do I make my 4.5 month old boy get the phlegm off of his chest?

Posted by Merissa

My 4.5 month old boy has been sick with cold/cough for 2 months straight (since starting daycare). He had a fever (101.4) recently for 2 days but it went away and is now normal to low-grade (teething too?).  His ped said his lungs are clear and that it's a cold/virus (the fever) and he'll just have to go through it.  He is severely congested and cough has gotten really bad over the past couple of days.   He's waking up at night screaming/crying inconsolably for 45 mins...any chance of sleep training him has gone out the window.  He doesn't cough any of the phlegm up but it sounds wet and painful.  His nasal mucus is clear.  It's very bad at night and he hasn't been eating well at all for a week now - in fact, it seems like he's lost a little weight.  What does this sound like and what can we do (besides the normal - cool mist humidifer, elevated bed, saline nose spray with bulb aspirator, vicks baby rub, steamy bathroom...) to help get the phlegm out?
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