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how do i know what kind of bite my son has?

Posted by gavinsmomma

it is red, swollen, black dot in the middle and hot and tender. it is right next to his belly button. anytime somebody comes anywhere close to touching it he screams! his tempature keeps fluctuating between 100 and 102'. the doctor said it was infected band gave antibiotics but said not do to do anything else unless it gets bigger or fever gets worse. i am very frightened because i have heard many horrid stories of brown recluse bites and that is what this is looking and sounding like.. please help. thanks.
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Thank you for responses. I ended up bringin him that same day and have been in the doctors office every single with a hospital trip on wednesday where they drained pus from his stomach. On Friday we got the lab results back that it was MRSA staph infection! It seems as if we caught it pretty quick so that is a plus. He is still healing. Thank you though!

Hi Gavinsmomma, I understand your concern with your son being sick. Of course, no one can tell you what is going on with your son better than your own doctor! I can't tell you what your son has, but I can say that brown recluse spider bites usually aren't particularly painful, though they can lead to wounds that get bigger and take a long time to heal. And most of the time, the kind of painful swelling you describe will get better over the course of a few days.

An insect bite that gets infected can be red and painful, and may need to be treated with antibiotics. Sometimes the redness and swelling (with itching) after an insect bite is caused by an allergic reaction and isn't an infection at all. On the other hand, if a collection of pus develops, it sometimes needs to be drained by the doctor. And if you are getting worse despite antibiotics, you should definitely seek reevaluation. Good luck!

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