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Home and thriving

Posted Apr 11 2012 9:27am
After my last post we got transferred to our local hospital literally the next day. Robbie was doing so well that the only thing left was establishing full breastfeeding. We stayed at East Surrey for 5 days.I asked to be transferred to the paediatric ward as the neonatal didn't seem to know much about CDH 3 years ago when we were there with Alina. It didn't really make a difference, they were as bad. But on the bright side, they left me alone so I could fully concentrate on getting Robbie going. After 5 days we were discharged. What got us home was him putting on 10g!! Can you imagine, 10g! The moment we got home though, he put on 55 in 2 days and then an additional 85 2 days later. It's been a week and 2 days now and he's gained over 250g, more than half a pound, which is fabulous. He's content, feeds well, sleeps well and in general, just a chilled out little man. He's started to look like a baby now, with chubby cheeks and chubby legs. He's still on rinitadine and domperidon for reflux. I actually took him off it for 2 days but I suspect he has silent reflux as it seems he has heartburn and a bit of colic. Hopefully he'll grow out of it soon.
But overall, doing very well and Alina loves having him around. We are very lucky parents of 2 wonderful CDH children :0).


Ingrid, Alex, Alina & Robbie
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