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Home and Improving – Selling Popcorn

Posted Sep 01 2011 12:56am

I ran into an old friend and co-worker at lunch this week. We both work for the same division of our organization but rarely get to see each other due to tasking.  He follows Caden’s Page via the email updates and asked me how things were going with Caden.  As a result of his question I remembered I had not posted an update since Caden’s discharge from the hospital on Sunday. (Thanks Eddie!)

Caden was discharged from MUSC on Sunday afternoon after receiving one last dose of Rocephin. He got five doses during his stay at MUSC between Wednesday and Sunday. Caden has been free of fevers since Thursday afternoon of last week. Even so we were a little hesitant to get discharged because Caden was showing increased secretions and massive diarrhea on Saturday night and Sunday morning. That has all since come under control. We suspect the diarrhea was from the strong antibiotic.  He is on an oral (g-tube delivered) antibiotic now, but there are no obvious adverse side affects even though this is an antibiotic that is normally used only in adults.

Once Caden is showing signs of being completely healed from the pneumonia (probably 3 weeks plus) we will schedule the VEPTR rod adjustment surgery to treat the scoliosis. We expect to be inpatient for about 2-3 nights as a result of that one when it happens.

Popcorn Sales – Cub Scouts

You may remember me mentioning that we allowing Caden to participate in Cub Scouts this year. Riley is in his second year and both of the boys are selling popcorn to help them earn their own way through the organization. They both would love your support in purchasing popcorn via the online ordering system. You will have your popcorn delivered directly to you if you order from the web site.  Below you will find links to each boy’s sale pages. Either or both would appreciate your support.

Caden’s Popcorn Sales Information
Caden’s Scout ID: 15204364
Link to Caden’s Sales Page

Riley’s Popcorn Sales Information
Riley’s Scout ID: 15184283
Link to Riley’s Sales Page

Thanks for your prayers and support of our family!

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