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High Fructose Corn Syrup Commerical -- Does The Corn Refiners Association Need Defending?

Posted Jan 15 2009 11:46pm
I've read reaction to a new series of commercials created by theCorn Refiners Associationon other people's blogs. I too was disgusted by these ads -- based on what I’ve come to learn about the potential dangers of high fructose corn syrup. However, it was not until I came face-face with these commercials (two within a 30-minute window) from the comfort and safety of my own couch with my 7-year old daughter curled up on my lap did I feel outraged enough to say something here. In case you haven’t seen these commercials yet, click on this YouTube link: Corn Refiners Association HFCS Commercial -- its worth seeing and reading the comments.

As many equally annoyed women have already pointed out, these commercials are highly insulting to all thinking-people. These commercials attempt to sabotage the growing national concern regarding the safety of food products made with HFCS. Of course, the debate on HFCS rages on, but these ads seem to me like a desperate reaction by a multi-billion dollar food industry which is growing increasingly threatened by mounting consumer awareness and criticism of the potential health hazards of high fructose corn syrup. Yes, its important to hear all sides of the debate. So go ahead and visit the numerous websites (i.e. HFSC Facts and Sweet Surprise ) created by the Corn Refiners Association in defense of their product. After you’ve done that, come back here and remind yourself of a few other things…

We Are Smarter And Stronger Than They Are Giving Us Credit For
It would appear that the Corn Refiners Association is feeling a little tight around the collar these days by the growing power of our collective voice and commitment to the demand for healthier and safer food products for our families – especially, our children. Why is it only now that the Corn Refiners Association is voicing their view on the efficacy of HFCS given the fact it has been used in our food products since the 70’s? I like to see these commercials as an indication of our success. If consumers were not questioning the safety of HFCS I doubt the Corn Refiners Association would be spending so many ad dollars to get their message out there. Let us stay unified in our desire and demand for healthier food products -- we can make a difference in the lives of our children.

Current High Fructose Corn Syrup Research Creates A Shred Of Doubt

As I said in a past post – "the number one truism in every family rulebook -- when in doubt, especially when it comes to children, err on the side of caution.” While there is much debate on both sides of the aisle about the health risks of high fructose corn syrup, there has been enough negative research to suggest we should limit use of this cheap commercially refined sweetener:

  • HFCS has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, accelerated aging and it raises blood levels of cholesterol and a type of fat know as triglyceride.

  • It is theorized that unlike traditional cane sugar, our bodies process high fructose corn syrup differently. It is speculated that HFSC “alters the way metabolic-regulating hormones function and it forces the liver to kick more fat out into the bloodstream.” In translation, what we’re left with is tricking our bodies to eat more because we don’t feel full and have increased appetite while simultaneously storing more fat.

  • HFSC is found in so many of the foods we consume today yet we don’t even have a clue its there and when our bodies absorb too much of this stuff is when we can really get into trouble. As I’ve challenged my readers in the past, take a few moments to read the product labels in your cabinets, pantries and refrigerators -- you might be horrified to discover just how many of the food products you and your family eat contain HFCS.

  • “Made With Corn” – So It Must Be Good For Us, Right?
    One of the arguments the Corn Refiners Association makes in their commercials is that high fructose corn syrup is “made with corn.” Clearly, the implication here is that if it is made with corn, HFSC is all-natural and safe to consume. So does that mean I should start packing cigarettes in my children’s lunch boxes too? After all, cigarettes are made with the “all-natural" tobacco leaf? Just because it is made with corn does not mean it is intrinsically safe.

    Mike Moore Wants High Fructose Corn Syrup Banned In The United States
    You might not believe in his politics or his in-your-face approach, but in Michael Moore’s book, Mike’s Election Guide 2008, he has requested that in his first ten days in the White House the incoming President should make it his number three priority to ban the use of high fructose corn syrup. He half-jokingly argues that just because the word “corn” is in the word high fructose corn syrup, we should not assume we are getting one of our five fruits and vegetables daily requirements. He goes on to describe how HFCS began replacing real sugar in many processed food products in the 70’s because it was much cheaper than sugar, increasing companies' profit margins. Furthermore, he goes on to describe the billions of dollars in subsidies “agribusiness giants” receive because of their use of cheap, widely available corn in the form of HFCS. Like many before him have correlated, Michael Moore also draws the connection between the increases in the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity with the introduction of HFCS into America’s diet. He states that since its first introduction, Americans have gone from “consuming zero pounds of HFCS per year in the late 1960’s, to 63 pounds per year in this decade.”

    At the end of the day, we all need to examine the facts and then do what we feel is best for our families.

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