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High (and low) light of the week

Posted Apr 10 2009 12:00am

Or why Im glad this week is officially (almost) over.

Sunday – Josh and I returned from our “Adventures” south. We came home to find that my “Mom” had taken advantage of my absence and cleaned the house, from top to bottom, leaving these words behind “I could tell you didn’t have any ‘real women’ here, because when I cleaned the fridge? The only thing that had gone bad, was in the vegetable drawer” I still havent found everything, and doubt I ever will. I hate it when people “Clean” house. Madison started complaining about her ear.

Monday – We said good bye, and watched as she loaded the plane, with the final words of “I will be back!!!”. We drove off with future plans to get life “Back to normal” or…as “normal” as things would ever be. There were great plans to be had this week…and many decisions were GOING to be made…Madison continued to complain about her ear…

Tuesday – Mid way through work, I got a phone call from the school nurse, who said Madison was really complaining that her ear was hurting. I figured she had another ear infection, and made arrangements for the neighbor to bring her home…thinking I would deal with it when I got home. After I got home, I loaded all three kids into the car to head to the clinic where I assumed we would get a prescription and be on our way. Once there, we were shuffled off to the ear/throat/whatever else doctor. Where we were informed that she had a “Severe ear infection” and her ear canal was swollen shut.

Tuesday night – Madison began an intensive treatment where the doctor sucked all the junk out of her ear, and continued to push a tip down there, repeatedly to get the medicine to go in. She cried the entire time. Not to be out done, Josh, who was VERY board and wasn’t able to touch anything, began to scream VERY loud…and I had to spend the rest of the time outside the room, watching him, listening to her cry from the inside. Apparently it was a very painful treatment. No one slept that night.

Wednesday – after much pushing, Dylan went to school (Alone). This is a big deal to him, and is perhaps, the first time he has EVER went to school alone…although, it wasn’t willingly…he went, and returned…in one piece. Madison spent the day in tears, crying that her ear hurt “SO BAD!” while I wondered if there was ever going to be a time when her ear didn’t hurt, because it seemed like it had been forever. She repeatedly informed me that “It feels like my whole head is going to come off….and my ear and throat and head hurt…SO BAD!” No one slept much that night either.

Thursday – After two nights of no sleep, I sent Josh to the neighbors (because he wasn’t doing anything but screaming, and that was causing Madi’s ear to hurt even more…). Madison spent the rest of that day, tossing and turning, crying and saying just how bad her ear hurt. The pain meds and antibiotics did nothing but make her sick (because she wasn’t eating anything). Dylan went to school, but returned with a note from his teacher wondering what I was doing with Madison…I asked Dylan what he had told her (He was given instructions to tell her teachers that she had an ear infection) He shrugged and said that he told them he just hoped I wasn’t going to take her temperature like the vet took the dogs. (A few weeks ago, we were babysitting a dog – who, with my luck, got sick…)

Friday – Today. Josh was in a fantastic mood. That’s what three nights of no sleep will do to one. The neighbor offered to watch him for tonight, and I considered that, his best option. Dylan stayed home from school, complaining and whining – frustrated from no sleep, and from the lack of attention that hasn’t been paid to him. Madison has slept off an on today, and has said it feels a “Little better….but other than that, its still the same” she has, however, mentioned once that she thinks she needs to wash her hair – something Im taking as an “Up sign”. Tonight, the neighbor came over to watch Madi while I took the boys to the store…Dylan, once there, had the “Bright idea” to get something to make Madi feel better…and even though Im pretty sure most of the things he picked out were so that she would share with him…I couldn’t say no to such a sweet idea…plus, I was to tired to argue.

Friday night – that is, tonight. Josh will be at the neighbors, and after I put more medicine into Madis ear, and we have another round of “Why ears sometimes hurt so bad” we most likely will crash somewhere near the tv while I rot their brains out on some cartoons and sleep ’till next week. Any questions? Didn’t think so.

How about we start over…in 10…9.…8.…

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