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Hi Ho, Hi Ho...It's off to surgery we go

Posted Mar 28 2008 12:00am

Hi All:

It has been a very LONG day for the Smith family ... but Gavin’s port surgery did go just fine.  He was taken from his room to a surgical waiting area about 4:00 ... only to find that although they’d been waiting all day for this procedure, Gavin’s blood hadn’t been drawn.  So, after blood tests were done (and results came back fine) the surgery finally started about 6:15.    

Precious Gavin ... when Jeff & Stacie went into the recovery room he was sobbing into his pillow, hugging his favorite stuffed dog. 

He ate a popsicle in recovery; they‘ll be giving him clear liquids next and then it’s a slow graduation to food, but that probably won’t be until tomorrow.  Hopefully, breakfast in the morning will be a big deal! 

Thursday Gavin was looking so much better, but after a sleepless night last night, and nothing much to eat since yesterday at lunch, our little guy is looking very very tired and thin, with dark circles under his eyes.  He told Jeff & Stacie he is afraid to go to sleep and that he’s afraid something bad will happen when he closes his eyes. 

The neurologist came by the hospital room while Gavin was having his port surgery this evening and talked to Jeff’s folks (Stacie & Jeff were at the surgical unit, naturally).  There still isn’t news from pathology, although the neurologist did say that they need more stains on the tumor and that it will be Monday, possibly as late as Wednesday, before they have the final report.  They want to narrow down the type of tumor precisely, since the type of chemotherapy prescribed is scaled to the kind of tumor. 


Prayer requests at the end of this long, long day are ...

- For a deeply restful, peaceful night’s sleep for Gavin

- For renewed strength, both physical & emotional, for Jeff & Stacie

- That Gavin will be able to completely empty his bladder on his own and that he’ll not need further catheterization assistance when he leaves the hospital

- That Gavin will be able to eat a breakfast fit for a king in the morning and that his strength will build back up rapidly

- And as Stacie put so perfectly this morning, that Gavin is healed completely of his cancer through spiritual intervention, medical intervention, or a combination of the two.


Thank you so much for your care and concern and most especially for your prayers.  ~Melissa

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