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Hey world, I am finally here!

Posted Jun 08 2008 8:58pm
Hello everyone, I am Jared Proudlock, Jared Joseph Proudlock to be exact and I just entered your world. I was sent by our Heavenly Father, God, to be the little brother of four wonderful siblings, and two parents, a mom, and dad (as it should be), whom love me a whole lot. I knew in coming though that my little body would have some physical problems to deal with in the beginning, but really good doctors and surgeons would be able to fix me up like they never happened. And besides, what is life if not for a little excitement right? lol. Well, just to let you all know, I came to reside in your atmosphiric conditions at 4:44pm on June 5, 2008, a thursday. Which so happens to be the day right before my mommys birthday! I tried to be a party crasher and celebrate our birthdays together, but I figured I be nice and let her have the leftover cake from my party every year, hehe. I weighed a whopping 7 lbs. and 14 ounces, some call me big, but I am not going to count my chickens befor they hatch, have you seen my parents, they are practically midgets! I have about the same chance of being big when I grow up as an iceberg in "you know where" does of not melting! I was also 19 and a quarter inch long! Yipee! a whole quarter! Jeepers, one can't even make a phone call with a quarter anymore, have you all been watching the cost of inflation, its ridiculous. Well, I am going to let my dad put some pictures of me on this blog, I figured the rest of the world might as well see me, the most handsome baby in the world! Modesty is not one of my strong points by the way.

Jared Joseph, June 8, 2008
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