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Here’s to hoping it’s just a baby thing!

Posted Oct 02 2009 3:04pm

We saw Dr. B. this afternoon.

After checking out her lungs, throat, ears, etc., he found nothing more than a dull ear infection.  However, she did have enough nasal drainage to replenish a river! 

Since she never turned blue during these night episodes, it is very likely it is her choking on the drainage (being that she is lying down) and having weak throat muscles due to the laryngomalacia.  Also, since she was acting normally (outside of normal having-a-cold crankiness) and her O2 sats were at 100%, this also played into his theory.

It is what I had hoped for!

So we are to raise her head 30 degrees at night (hard to do with a restless child), use the humidifier (vapor rubs do no good), and give her the steam from hot showers 3 times a day.  We basically need to help her drain her discharge.  Even though we both feel it is likely viral in nature (since she gave it to me), because of her ear infection, he gave her amoxcillin, which would also help if it was a bacterial infection.

We will see how tonight goes.  We all need some sleep. 

I really, really, really hope this is the reason for her choking spells at night.  It makes perfect sense, and in light of the other possibilities, this is the best case scenario.  Still dangerous because we have to deal with her choking, but it is better than what could have possibly been the cause.

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