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Helping Kids set 2010 Goals

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

One of the most valuable exercise we adults can do is to teach kids to set goals and work to achieve goals. Kids see this as a game, so to speak, and enjoy creating their goals. I believe there are about 5 ways to teach kids how to set and achieve their goals. You may come up with additional ways.

1) Start kids about the age of 7 and above. Kids younger than 7 should not be bothered with setting goals - let them play and be creative. When kids start to school and learn about meeting homework deadlines; discipline getting up in morning and getting themselves ready for school before the bus comes, etc is a good time to start teaching about goals and deadlines. They understand better because they experience some "routine" scheduling.

2) Make a list of things kids are involved with; such as: playing the piano; getting on honor roll at school; keeping their room clean; being involved in sport activities; attending to their healthy bodies, etc. It is important to only set goals for a 12 month length of time. Don't go into the 3-5-10 year goal setting. I even find that hard for me to figure out and achieve.

3) Make goals reasonable for their age group. A friendly reminder: this is NOT your goals for your kids - this is their goals for themselves. Try not to influence too much. Let it be simple and achievable.

4) Write the goals down and tape them to their bathroom mirror. For the younger kids, decorate with pictures/scrapbook things to make the goal setting attractive to them. When they achieve one of their goals, be sure to celebrate with them.

5) Ask them how they are doing to achieve their goals during the year. You are to be their personal coach and ask them throughout the year "how are you doing on your goals?" If they need to adjust one of their goals, let them do so. Try your best to keep them from being discouraged.

It is a gift you can give to your kids and teaching them a valuable lesson for their future life.

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