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Healthy Tip # 130

Posted Feb 01 2013 7:32pm

Another healthy tip courtesy of DeAnna Radaj

healthillustrated A great way to establish MENTAL health, wellness & well-being is to do an “accessory inventory” of your space (this includes your office) & really look at what you have displayed there. Ask yourself: Is this appropriate for the function of the room (i.e. honeymoon pics displayed in your office…pics of your mother(in-laws) in your bedroom…). If not, then move them to an appropriate room or get rid of them all together. Once you have established that all items are in their proper place then ask yourself WHY are you keeping them? Does that figurine remind you of a beloved grandparent or is it from your ex on your first anniversary but it was “expensive” so you’ve kept it even though it irritates you every time you look at it. If it’s the latter…let it go. You want to be surrounded by items that support & empower you, not make you mad reliving every bad relationship you’ve ever had.

- DeAnna Radaj , eco-shui design consultant

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