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Healthy again

Posted Aug 25 2009 7:34pm
So we got rid of the tonsilitis thanks to some strong penicilin V. We had a routine check-up at Kings yesterday and the tonsils are back to normal. Also, her x-ray came out clearer than before, although there are still some unexplained white spots. She is still wheezy and has an ongoing cough but Dr. Hanam indicated that she probably still has a floppy trachea. If she gets any worse, he will refer her to a specialist, but she seems fine for now.
Overall, the consultant was very happy with her and with her progress so far. He did suggest that we keep her away from other babies and anyone who is sick. We've had a lot of cases of swine flu and unfortunately some were fatal. I can understand what Dr. Hanam is saying; given that Alina is still fragile, we should try to protect her more. I think it's a hard call. She loves all her friends and really enjoys being among people- her face lits up whenever anyone talks to her. And I have just recently signed her up for swimming classes, which I am sure she will like as she loves her bath. But I will probably not take her to some of the baby cafes anymore. It's difficult balancing everything because I don't want Alina to be socially isolated but I don't want her to get sick again either.
We're off on holidays on Friday. We can't wait. It will be so nice to be just the three of us and I am sure that Alex will really enjoy spending some more time with Alina. She's getting to be a daddy's girl already- apart from being pretty much a spitting image of him :0).

Yesterday we met another couple whose son was born with RCDH and is being treated at Kings. He was on CPAP and yesterday he was extubated for the 3rd time. We are praying the the little one does well and that he will get to go home soon.
We're also thinking of little Ruby and of little James. We're looking forward to seeing their first home photos.

Big hugs from the UK.

The Houchins
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