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Health Over Wealth

Posted Aug 28 2012 11:27pm
My good friend, Wende, was the first to introduce me to the concept of "health over wealth."  As it sounds, it's the notion that your health is more important than your wealth.  And all too often, you have to spend more money in order to have a diet filled with foods that are actually good for your body.

Many of you know that we've done a diet overhaul since Gavin was diagnosed with cancer.  By most people's standards, we had a pretty healthy diet prior to cancer.  Looking back, I can't say that I would agree with that.  Know that I'm quick to say that had we not gone through Gavin's cancer, I may very well be eating the same (mostly non-organic) diet that we were on previously.  Our life experiences have changed our perspective on food quite a bit.  I'm pretty sure some people feel we've gone overboard.  And that's okay.  It's hard to know what you'd do if you were in such a situation until you are actually in it.  And I hope you never are.

What I generally tell people is that all of the changes we've made to our diet (and cleaning products) are for the better.  The entire family actually benefits from it.  We feel that it creates a more inhospitable environment for the growth of cancer in our bodies.  Even if it doesn't do that, there's a host of other health benefits we're reaping because of it.  And I'll let you in on another secret that I never really believed until we made the switch.  Healthy food, especially organic food, tastes so much better.

The bummer part is the amount of money that we have to pay to actually eat food that is healthier for us.  Our grocery bill went way up when we changed things up.  But once we had truly looked into it all, we couldn't justify the health risks of not spending more on food.  It was pretty eye opening to say the least.

I encourage you to rent the documentary called Food, Inc if you have never seen it.  It talks quite a bit about the meat industry and genetically-modified foods.  And I also recommend a book called Anticancer by David Serban-Schrieber.  Our society doesn't seem to want to know what our foods are doing to our bodies.  And that's a shame because once you know, it's more difficult to keep doing the same old thing.  If enough of us looked into it and demanded some changes, healthy foods wouldn't be so expensive. 

I've done a few Get Healthy posts here on the blog.  And I'm planning to write a few more.  I'm far from an expert on the issue.  I simply speak from my own experience and the reading we've done on it.  But I hope it inspires at least a few people to look a bit more into the foods that we use to fuel our bodies and the products we use in our households.  If you are interested in reading over the previous posts, look on the right side of the screen.  Scroll down to the "Topics On This Blog" section.  Scroll down some more until you find "Get Healthy."  Click on that and it will pull all of the posts I've written on the subject.

I'm mulling over what to write about next for the Get Healthy series.  Anything you're curious to hear about?

Much love,
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