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Health Care and Voter Registration

Posted Sep 19 2012 8:20am

With all the Republicans' efforts to suppress votes, be sure you are registered to vote and VOTE, if you care about your health care, Medicare, and Social Security. Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan both want to give the insurance companies more money, get rid of contraceptives, abortions, Medicare and Medicaid and the Health Care Act. If you look at the Ryan budget plan, it is very scary. Mr. Ryan has plenty of money, excellent health care for himself and his family, as does Mr. Romney, so why do they care about the rest of us?

I was talking to a friend, who has worked all of her life  directing  a non-profit agency caring for kids. She has never made a lot of money, but has done a tremendous amount of good. She pays for her own  health care, lives in a house she pays for, continues to help others as a volunteer and yes, does receive Medicare and Social Security. However, she has paid into both since she started working as a teenager. Both Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan would say she wants the government to support her, but when you look at the good she has done in her life and what Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan have done with their lives, which of them would you care to know? 

I think we have a real problem in this country. Hard working people without lots of money seem to be treated as less than important and should be on their own, according to the rich Republicans. How can anyone possibly vote for Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan if they value their health care, their future, and their lives?

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