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Head Injuries without Wearing Helmets

Posted Jan 23 2010 6:45am

Being a parent is hard work. Just when you think you can rest for a little while, one of your children has an accident or a serious problem. A good friend told me the other day about his daughter's serious head injury after falling from her bicycle. In the past, she always wore a helmet but since it was no longer considered "cool" in her group to wear one she stopped doing so. She has paid for wanting to be just like everyone else by having marked difficulty focusing, remembering, and doing her school work. Previously she breezed through assignments. Hopefully, as time passes the young woman will recover if she doesn't push herself too hard or have others push her.

I think colleges should be adamant that their students wear helmets when skate boarding or riding bicycles. They have restrictions about many other things and since the administrators are temporary parents for their undergraduates, they need to do something about possible head injuries.

It is important that both kids and adults wear helmets if they are bicycling, skiing,  skate or snow boarding. The helmets must fit properly to cover the front and back parts of the head. I frequently see parents without a helmet riding a bicycle while their little children have on helmets. If the parent is hit by a car or hits a rock and falls off his or her bike and lies unconscious, what happens to the little children?

Perhaps helmet makers could come up with "cool" helmets that kids would want to wear. Just as a certain brand of jeans or shoes is popular, maybe a particular kind of helmet could be "cool" and in demand. Hopefully then,  some of the head injuries  I have seen could be avoided.

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