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Hawaii Ranked 2nd Least Obese State

Posted Oct 06 2012 9:04am

From Ke Alaka’i…..

Hawaii is the second least obese state of 2012 according to the Trust for America’s Health. Each year they report the disease and weight conditions within each state.

Along with the current health conditions, this year it included future potential health statistics. They are calculating the increase the states have already had in the past, and then applying it to how it will affect America in the future. There is also a hypothetical statistic on how it would affect the states in the future if the average body mass was lowered by 5 percent.

The Trust for America’s Health quoted Risa Lavizzo-Moure, MD who is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation president and CEO, saying, “This study shows us two futures for America’s health. At every level of government, we must pursue policies that preserve health, prevent disease and reduce health care costs. Nothing less is acceptable.”

The research seeks to show where American’s health is head if they continue without change. Currently Hawaii is 21.8 percent of the population is obese. According to the site, in 2030 Hawaii will be 51.8 percent obese. If the body mass index were decreased by 5 percent, obesity would decrease by 2030 to 45.5 percent obese.

“It is nerve racking to hear how the rates are rapidly raising in obesity. That’s pretty scary and I hope that Hawaii can stay fit and keep up with all of our activities and eat healthy,” said Lindsay Kelly, a junior majoring in EXS from Oregon.“

“It’s sad that in America, obesity is such an issue right now with all of the fast food chains, and how eating badly can be so much cheaper. I can see room for improvement and I love living in Hawaii because all of the opportunities we have to stay fit.”

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