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Happy Spring! Happy 28 months!

Posted Mar 31 2010 3:03pm

Mason turned 28 months yesterday.
Always a great accomplishment!
Always another prayer answered!
Always another month worth celebrating!
We love you Miracle Mason!

Mason LOVES our daily walks!

Helping do the dishes. Although he doesn't fit in this
sink like he does the one at home, he manages to
soak himself from head to toe. Mason LOVES water!

We spend a lot of time playing ball too!

Mason must be taking after Daddy and his brothers.
He has a great throw!

Here's Mom and Mason enjoying a beautiful
Sunday afternoon in our "adopted" family's back yard.

Hope you are enjoying your Spring too!
We certainly are!
The flowers are absolutely gorgeous!
I even have a vase of huge sunflowers in our
little apartment right now thanks to
a friend from college I met up with here!
Thank you Aly!
I am trying to enjoy every minute this Spring
with our Miracle Mason!
Trying to LIVE in the MOMENT!
For we never know what tomorrow brings!
Always hoping for the best,
yet preparing for the unexpected!
Praying, that as we continue to enjoy
even on raining days when we so miss our family,
we will continue to feel peace and comfort!
Praying that day will come soon when
I get that special call which says,
"We have a heart for Mason!"

Thank you for your continued support and prayers and please say some extra ones tomorrow! Today Mason had an echo and consultation to prepare for his HEART CATH tomorrow. I don't know the results of the echo. I didn't meet with our heart failure team, rather the anesthesiologist and heart cath nurse practitioners. Of course they had to warn me of all the risks and remind me that Mason does not have much of a reserve....(THANKS- I Already knew that! Did you have to remind me!?!) he'll probably stay the night in the PICU after, to be closely watched.

Why the HEART CATH? To get a real accurate measure of his heart function/ failure. Is his heart sicker than we think? Or is his treatment okay where it's at while we wait for his new heart?

I'll post with news after the CATH when I can tomorrow.

And last but definitely not least.......... the STATS of where we are at on the HEART TRANSPLANT WAITING LIST:

Here is the most current- and the statistics for kiddos Mason's age are increasing.
(all information according to

As of March 30, 2010 there are 3,151 people (adults and children) in the United States waiting for a heart.

OPTN data from March 26, 2010)

NationwideThere are 89 kids waiting for a heart in the age category 1 to 5 years in the whole United States.
There are 21 one to five year
olds waiting for a heart in Mason's blood type of A+ in the US.

5 listed as a Level 1A

2 listed as a Level 1B (Mason's status)

2 listed as a Level 2
12 inactive on the list

Our Region, Region 5: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah
There are 16 kids ages 1 to 5 waiting for a heart in the Region 5.

There are 4 one to five year old kids matching Mason's blood type of A+ in Region 5.
0 listed as a Level 1A
1 listed as a Level 1B (Mason) YAHOO!!!
1 listed as a Level 2 (Gabriella) (she is one of our heart buddies listed at Loma Linda)
2 inactive on the list

**So according to this data MASON is at the top of the list for his age and blood type!!!!


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