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Happy Memorial Day Weekend...Remember Our Fearless Heroes

Posted May 26 2012 8:55pm

I just saw Adam Brown's wife&parents on Huckabee and was touched by the story of Navy SEAL Adam Brown. This sounds like a great book&true life story about one of the SEAL Team 6 who rose from a life headed down the wrong path to becoming a Navy SEAL. Unfortunately, he lived&died for his country.

This Memorial Day Never Forget those who gave all&sacrificed their lives for our freedoms, especially SEAL Team 6 who lost many team members after the capture of Osama Bin Laden, yet there has been no investigation as to why they were all in one helicopter&why they were in a helicopter they do not normally use for SEAL team missions.

 Learn more at

Don't forget this November, don't let our heroes sacrifices be in vain& vote AGAINST Obama.  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and remember to thank a Veteran for your freedoms&say a prayer for those who sacrificed their lives so that you could enjoy those freedoms. Thank you to all our military men and women who sacrifice time with their families every day, especially those overseas risking their lives.

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