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Happy Birthday to Our Miracle – 5 years

Posted Feb 07 2012 12:00am

Today, our beautiful miracle turns 5, today is a day some told us we would never get to; others told us that if we made it here, he wouldn’t be out of a crib.

But this is not a story about them, it’s a story, a testimony of how amazing a God we serve, how blessings come when you least expect them and how much 5 years can change your life.

You see, our Jackson, our miracle was not supposed to live, he was not supposed to sit up, he was definitely not supposed to feed himself, color, go into a magnet program and he dang sure wasn’t supposed to walk! A lot of doctor told us what he would NEVER do, but you don’t tell a hard headed, Christian, Southern girl what her child won’t do, you just give her ammo! There were a lot of people who prayed for us, who put us on their prayer list and who still pray for us every day; some of them we have never met. And through these last five years, we have become closer to our Savior and found an amazing church “home” all because of one little miracle.

I can’t begin to tell you how many blessings have touched our lives through Jackson and his journey. We meet people every day that he touches. Every one who meets him loves him and everyone who he touches spoils him rotten. Women at our therapy center give him chocolate on a regular basis, they buy him little gifts and treat him like royalty. People Jon and I haven’t talked to in years find us on Facebook, because they have heard of Jackson. I have stepped out of my comfort zone on many occasions to share our story, all because of one little boy! I have done things I never dreamed of and been places I have always wanted to see. I am not from a big family, I have one now in our AMC family. I talk to these people who “get it” on a daily basis. They share my hopes, my dreams and on the roughest days, my struggles.  The day Jackson was diagnosed in utero, I became part of something bigger than I ever thought possible, the day he was born, our lives changed FOREVER, way more than just having a baby will change you. Jackson made our marriage stronger, our family bigger (a lot bigger), our faith unshakable and our story a beautiful masterpiece.

To each and every one of you, we will never know why our lives intertwined this side of Eternity, but it’s all part of His PERFECT plan and we are just blessed to live it, all for HIS GLORY!

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