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Hannah’s Hook

Posted Oct 22 2010 2:16am

Hannah giving a hug to one of her favorite people in the whole world ...her big brother.

It always amazes me how much joy people get from Hannah and, in turn, how much joy Hannah gets from certain people in her life.

There is just something about her smile that just shoots you in the heart…every…single…time. I think it because you know that if Hannah gives you a smile, a hug, or wants to crawl on you that it is YOU she wants at that moment. She does not give this pure and unconditional smile and love out to everyone. Actually, very few people get this treatment. But when you are one of the ones she gives it to…wow!!

In the past few months, a lot of people have come in and out of Hannah’s life. A whole slew of doctors and nurses at TCH and Sunrise Childrens, new therapists, new home care nurses, etc.   Because of this, Hannah does not make immediate bonds with people.

It takes an army to take care of my beautiful girl.

But when I see these bonds form with her and someone else, it just takes me aback. The look she gets when her grandpa walks into the house…OMG, you would think he was Santa Claus. She smiles so big, throws her arms up, and when he picks her up, she just has the biggest grin on her face and does not let go of him.

She has also become quite attached to our two regular home health nurses. I also know that they have become quite attached to her as well. Just today, when I handed Hannah off to her nurse, Hannah just grabbed on, smiled, and gave her nurse the biggest hug. Both her nurse and Hannah seemed like they were in bliss. Her two nurses are so good to her. Not only do they take care of her those 8 hours a day (6 days a week, 3 days each nurse), but they play with her, cuddle her to sleep, and interact with her. When Hannah accomplishes something new, I can hear them get so excited and praising her.

Hannah was blessed with an amazing gift. A gift of true and unconditional love. It is a gift that has to be earned, but when she does give it to you. Wow, it will light up your entire world because you know it is from her heart.

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