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Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease - can we get reinfected if we come in contact with a contagious child or adult?

Posted by julie98

Hi. My son is 4 and has brought home hand, foot and mouth disease from kindy. Subsequently, my husband, myself and our 7 month old have also become infected. I imagine this will do the rounds at kindy. My son is now better, but I am wondering if, or any of us, can become re-infected ie if other children at kindy get the disease and become contagious? Or if we can keep giving it back to one another. Thank you
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HFMD can be triggered by more than one virus. There are several actually.

Recurrent HFMD is attributed to exposure to one of the other viruses.

MANY viruses need histamine to "happen" for them to invade. They count on that immune response.

Once exposed, we develop antibodies to a specific virus and are then "immune" to THAT virus so the identical virus cannot re-infect, but others can.




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