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Halloween 2012

Posted Nov 02 2012 6:42pm
In light of what's been happening on the East Coast I feel a bit ridiculous about posting pictures of my elaborate Halloween festivities. And yet I will because October is my favorite month of the year and our family LOVES Halloween. Still, I don't know about you but I feel very blessed and grateful at the moment. And that is saying something considering Halloween marked Steve's first official day of unemployment.


This Halloween season my world was turned upside down by a piece of scrapbook paper with flags of various Halloween items. There it was, on one of the gorgeous displays at Ben Franklin , best craft store in the world. All I had to do is walk away but no....I HAD to have those little flags for my entry way! It was, unfortunately, only available in a pack of other papers so buy the whole pack I did, and that was my undoing.

Inside the pack were countless amazing papers and stickers but the one that caused the BIG problem was an invitation to the voodoo queen Marie Laveau's Halloween ball. And there were the coolest postal stamps. Evie and I decided it would be so cool make it into an invitation and use it on our magnetic scrapbook frames in the entry way. We also found a mortuary toe tag. So we fabricated this story that Kerry Mehoff (get it, get it?!) was invited to the ball and died there on Halloween night. I even put red food coloring on the toe tag for blood. The kids thought it was creepy and I loved it.

That was good for a few days until I had the idea that we could recreate a scene from the ball the in the dining room. (We'll just have to imagine that at this ball they also had a sit down dinner.) I figured it would be easy enough but of course nothing is ever as easy as it seems before you start. The optimist in me gets the better of me every time. I looked everywhere for a round tablecloth for my spooky scene but couldn't find one even on the internet so then I spent 2 days making one from a sheet.  As I experimented with coffee grounds and tea staining I had that too familiar deja vu feeling of "WHAT the HELL am I doing?!"  But it was too late, I was already started and my creative demons were loose. In the end I usually think it's worth it but the process is QUITE painful

Just one more.

  Unfortunately every minute was booked and this last minute invitation meant that I would have to dress in my costume before I left for Ainsley's party otherwise I wouldn't have time to put it on before trick-or-treaters came and I'd gone to some trouble putting my costume together. I'm sure the other parents thought I was crazy but that's okay.

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