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Guns Causing Violence and Deaths

Posted Nov 27 2010 9:29am

If you have ever had to care for a child with a gunshot wound, as I have, and seen him die  you would be outraged at the NRA for filling two lawsuits against the Texas legislature to allow eighteen to twenty-year-olds to buy and carry guns. Don't their members care about all the violence in the United States? What can they possibly be thinking? They  have also made it possible for anyone to buy a gun at gun shows without a background check. Do the NRA members all have a financial interest in selling guns? What can be their motive?  What about the shootings at Columbine, Santana, Virginia Tech and all the other places where tragic deaths occurred because of the access to guns?

I would hope that the American Academy of Pediatrics, parent groups. family practice doctors, teachers, social workers, nurses and all those who care about children would be speaking out and telling the NRA that this is just not acceptable. It has been shown that having a gun in the house does not prevent an intruder from breaking in. Instead it is the gun owner who usually is the one injured. Other countries are far wiser about not allowing their citizens to buy guns and their deaths from guns are much lower than ours. Does it make an individual feel powerful to carry a gun? Where have we gone wrong in the United States that a gun is so necessary to make someone feel safe?


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