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Guns and Kids

Posted Feb 29 2012 1:45am

As I watched the news yesterday telling the horror of the newest school shooting, I wondered when, if ever, Congress was going to have the courage to stand up to the National Rifle Association and do something about the easy access to guns in the U.S. How many more young people are going to be killed in schools, colleges, homes, and in the school yard before parents and members of the community start screaming for something to be done? This violence must end. What must the civilized world think of America? We are the  most violent country in the civilized world. How can parents send their kids to school or college these days thinking that a shooter or more than one can claim their child's life?  I hope, too, that pediatricians and the American Academy of Pediatrics will take a strong stand and lobby Congress for something to be done.

I have  not heard where T.J. Lang, the shooter, bought or obtained his gun, but obviously he did not have a problem in finding one. The sad details of his life made him exactly the kind of teenager who would vent his anger by shooting. The news accounts gave details of his life that fit the pattern of an at-risk, unhappy teenager with apparently absent or no parents, a brother in jail for drug problems, and schooling in a high school for at-risk kids. I wonder if the youth had emotional problems that were untreated, was learning disabled, or had some type of mental illness? Any of these conditions could make him an angry young man who needed help. They also make him an ideal candidate for bullying. We MUST do better before more parents lose their children.

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