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Guest Post – Screw Nicolas, Teenager Weight Loss Ideas

Posted Sep 24 2012 12:04pm


Freshman 15 – Fact Or Fiction?

Getting anxious for all the negative comments passed your excess weight? Don’t worry, as you can come back to the normal weight again. Teenage is the age where you are more prone to eat lots of junk food and follow an unhealthy lifestyle. These habits slowly forms layers of fats in your body that puts on weight. Unknowingly, you become obese and suffer from all the physical and mental problems caused due to excess weight. To get rid of all these issues, following a perfect plan is essential. Here are few teenagers weight loss ideas that are helpful in shedding excess fats.

Teenagers live their life in a relaxed and excited way. They are binded with parties, studies, late hour sleeping habits, eating lots of junk foods, and many more. They forget that they are most likely to suffer from the ill effects of excess weight. Nowadays, these age group children are highly getting affected by blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and many other harmful diseases. The other cause for getting obese is the hormonal changes in their body.

Teenager Weight Loss Ideas

Consult a Doctor/Dietitian

When you observe that your weight is crossing the limits, it’s high time to consult a doctor or a dietitian or a health teacher.

When you observe that your weight is crossing the limits, it’s high time to consult a doctor or a dietitian or a health teacher. Tell all your habits and discuss your daily routine with them. Don’t forget to discuss your medical history with him/her. You will surely get some relaxation after consulting the doctor or a health professional.

Know The Cause

Know what are the causes for your excess weight. Every person’s body is different and undergoes various changes in the growing age. This age is known for stimulating various changes in the body, where you suffer from some hormonal changes that affects your body physically. This might result in excess weight gain. Medications under the guidance of a doctor are prescribed to such teens and proper care is taken to control the weight. The other causes might be neglectedl towards your lifestyle and carrying a wrong attitude towards your body. So, start with a fresh day and commit yourself for following the best and healthy lifestyle for a better future.

redappleruler Diet

Everyone knows how important is the diet for all the humans. It is the key for all the best and worst things happening in human beings. Controlling the intake of harmful products and going for healthy foods is one of the best ways, one can have a beautiful and perfect body. Teenagers have their schedules for their school or college where most of the time they eat outside food. This should be stopped completely and they should be provided with homemade lunch box. Ensure your kid don’t skip breakfast in the morning and carries the lunch along with him/her.

Proteins and fibers

Proteins and fibers are the best friends of all the age group dieters. They aid in shedding fats easily and bring you to the normal shape gradually. Include fiber and protein rich foods in your daily diet and eat minimal amount of carbohydrates and fats. As you are in your growing age, your body needs some fats and carbohydrates in a limited amount. Don’t totally eradicate them from your food list, but take them in the right proportion. Proteins help in staying full and fibers detoxify your body and cleanse the digestive system.


Like diet, exercise is too important for teens. Don’t go for the high intensity exercises, instead, involve yourself in some sport or physical activities like cycling, swimming, dancing, and many more to keep your body active and healthy. These practices are helpful in staying in right weight.

Follow the teenagers weight loss ideas and welcome a fit and healthy future. Don’t forget, your body needs proper sleep too. So, take sleep of 7 to 8 hours at night and feel fresh and energetic for the next day.

- I am Screw Nicolas – A nutrition specialist and also act as a fitness instructor. I have started sharing my ideas on my blog . If you are facing some problem feel free to contact me at screwnicolas[@]gmail[dot]com

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