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Guest Post – Jack Meyers, How to Help Combat Childhood Obesity

Posted Nov 03 2012 4:28pm

boyhamburger It doesn’t take a doctor to diagnose the rising obesity trends. Our kids are getting fat. Our adults are getting fat. Our whole society is getting fat. This is a growing problem and we spend equal amounts of time trying to bring awareness to this problem as we do trying to sugarcoat it. The truth is, though, that we need to stop trying to glaze over the issue as something that is normal and attack it in the easiest way: with our kids. We need to stop cutting physical education programs and start actively combatting childhood obesity. As parents, caregivers, teachers, and every other influential person in our children’s lives, it’s up to us to instill healthy habits as a priority and a way of life, and we can do so by doing these things:

Stop buying our children unhealthy snacks

Instead of handing our kids chips or cookies when they have an afternoon hunger attack we should be handing them fruits or vegetables with nut butters or low-fat cheese sticks. Giving them produce paired with healthy fats will not only leave them satisfied, it will also leave them satiated, unlike the empty calories in junk food which will just leave them hungry again soon after finishing their snack.

If our kids are addicted to the computer or video games we have only ourselves to blame.

Encouraging outdoor play

If our kids are addicted to the computer or video games we have only ourselves to blame. By always letting them hole up inside in front of the television or computer screen we are subtly encouraging this type of behavior. Kids should be outside enjoying the outdoors and fresh air, running around playing with each other, and not communicating through social media and video games.

Packing sack lunches for school

Yes, it will take longer to pack a lunch for your kids then it will to just hand them lunch money or replenish a lunch account. However providing them with a healthy lunch over French fries and pizza trumps the 15 minutes you will have to carve out of your evening to pack their lunch.

oranges Starting their days with a healthy breakfast

Don’t let your kids skip breakfast and don’t serve them sugar-laden cereals that will make their energy spike and drop within an hour of consumption. Making sure your kids get a filling, healthy breakfast in their systems will help them to start their days off on the right foot.

Getting involved

Maybe it’s taking a Tae Kwon Do class together, maybe it’s going on family bike rides, or maybe it’s hitting up the tennis courts for a friendly match. Whatever the case, get involved in healthy activities with your kids so that you both get in some exercise and so you can help teach them that being active is more fun than being inactive.

As adults it’s up to us to take the initiative with our country’s youth and prove to them that being healthy is the cool thing to do. Instead of glorifying gluttony we need to teach them that everything is good in moderation and that leading a healthy, active lifestyle starting at a young age will pave the way for a healthy, active adulthood.

Let’s help give childhood obesity the boot!

- Jack Meyer is a freelance writer and regular contributor at . He has a passion for various subjects like education, career and technology, Parenting etc. If you have any questions email Jack at jackmeyers08 @

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