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Guest Post – Dr. Randy Gilchrist, Hypnosis For Weight Loss: Getting The Weight Loss Mindset

Posted Aug 03 2012 8:55am


Hypnosis Is A Tool To Change Your Mind To Change Your Habits

Why do so many people struggle to lose weight? And for those few who do lose the weight, why is it so hard to maintain it? Well honestly, there are a number of answers, depending upon who you talk to. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I understand how our mindset often acts as a stumbling block to getting thin. Without having and maintaining the necessary motivation, focus, and commitment to follow through with their diet and exercise plan, we will eventually fail. Simply put, when we associate food with emotional comfort and relief, cues and triggers to “emotionally eat” occur very often and are hard to withstand. Feeling lonely, stressed, depressed, or bored often leads to eating as a self-soothing escape and stimulation. Weight loss eating basically involves associating food with nutrition only, and eating it accordingly. The problem is that, because of previous psychological conditioning, making this shift through “will power” or “self-discipline” alone is pretty tough to do. Even though a part of us wants to eat better, eat less, and exercise more to lose weight, another part of us likes to emotionally eat as a coping tool and a way of life. Therefore, a great tool to break though this challenge is clinical hypnosis.

Clinical hypnosis is a psychotherapy tool best practiced by a licensed clinical psychologist. In a simple sense, hypnosis is a tool to change your mind to change your habits. In hypnosis, a subject usually sits or lies comfortably, closes their eyes, relaxes, and focuses as a hypnotist talks. Usually, the hypnotist leads the subject with different suggestions and visuals promoting relaxation and positive change. The power of hypnosis is this: as the subject relaxes, their usual conscious resistance to change lowers, allowing them to be so much more accepting and embracing of the many suggestions to change and improve the follow. In other words, being in a more relaxed, focused state naturally lowers walls and helps a person be more open to suggestions to change and improve their lives. And when we accept a suggestion, or emotions change, or habits improve, and our lives improve.

There are mainly 2 kinds of hypnosis:

1) live, face-to-face hypnosis in a psychotherapist’s office

2) pre-recorded hypnosis the subject listens to privately in their home.

Most people today choose pre-recorded hypnosis out of convenience and greater affordability. To listen to prerecorded hypnosis for weight loss, you simply play when you conveniently can–such as before bed–and your weight loss mindset begins and continues to develop, strengthen, and improve weight loss habits, lifestyles, and results. Of course, as a good example of a quality hypnosis for weight loss program, I recommend my own self-help version of my live hypnosis services: my Weight Loss Mindset audio hypnosis program.

To learn more about The Weight Loss Mindset, check out , using the following promotional code for a discount: cba97. Thank you,
- Randy Gilchrist, Psy.D.

- Dr. Randy Gilchrist is a licensed clinical psychologist and hypnosis for weight loss expert in Roseville, CA. When in the greater Sacramento area, feel free to look him up at He is also a world class hypnosis for weight loss expert and creator of The Weight Loss Mindset self-help audio program ( ).

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