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Growing, Growing, Growing... - Kelly

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
It has been so long since I have posted anything. The month of kyle's birth - or birthday - just reliving that... i thought I couldn't share about it but I will - I will for the sake of honesty, for the chance that some one else is like me and not living in a perfect mind that exists in a perfect world being seen by her perfect children and family and blogging about all perfection in her perfect blog. Wow - as I read that line I'm laughing b/c it sounds so bitter - haha - but really it is not bitterness. I think it is moving towards healing. really - I exist in a new world - one that begins in my mind and extends outward through my husband, my children, my awareness, my religion, my relationships. all is changing. I'm just realizing so much - in an effort to heal - in an effort to get better. maybe I shouldn't judge, mabye the blogs that i have read or the lives I have watched maybe they are not fake. maybe they are trying - wanting it all to work to be perfect - to get better. That is what I have wanted. I would, with all the tenacity I could muster, wake up, plant my feet firm in my day and then in one movemet, one word or phrase or phone call or anything it would all fall to pieces - then I would try again and again and again. sometimes trying just isn't enough. the most valuable thing I have learned in the past month is this... fixing isn't it. we don't need to be fixed. we don't need to fix each other. we need to have compasion and grace and love for ourselves and for others.

so that is my growing for now...

here is kyle's growing...

He is 12 months old (WOW!), 8 months corrected. He is eating stage 3 baby food, crackers, cheerios, and drinks from a straw. He can sit up, roll over, is crawling (his own version anyway!), and chatting up a storm! We are working on fine motor skils and following one word directions. Pictures speak a thousand words! Soooo...

Kyle was a lion for halloween (which during RSV season consisted of dressing up on the day of jadon and jack's festival at school and taking pics on the back porch!)

We also had Luke Skywalker and a construction worker!

Kyle was so sleepy - he fell asleep in his mega saucer! He LOVES this and will dive out of your arms if you are standing over it! For therapy reasons he can only be in it about 20 min a day! I guess absense really does make the heart grow fonder!

Kyle after toast and jelly!

Kyle can drink out of a straw now!

Kyle eats ritz crackers, cheerios and graham crackers!
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