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Got some news....

Posted Nov 07 2011 10:42am
Last week Eva's audiologist called and told us it looks very promising with her getting a Cochlear Implant. The ENT and the audiologist had a meeting and the ENT thinks she will benifit from one. We will do a few more tests and then decide if and when to do her surgery. We have anther little CHARGEr in our area with the same audiologist and the same ENT and we are hoping our girls get their CIs at the sametime. So I am very excited to hear this news since for years I was told yes from her ENT and no from her audiologist and they never really tested her correctly. I am very happy to have found the Audiologist at the Chicago CHARGE conference, I feel they have tested her well, did the scans we needed and made me feel like everything was done and done correctly.

I am working on getting Alex's new meds delivered and started soon, I am on hold right now with the company. I as waiting where there was 9 customers ahead of me and as it was just about my turn I was disconnected. I have to say I am not happy right now as I type this but I am hoping we can get this going.

We had to make sure the insurance company was going to cover his meds and right now I am waiting for them to approve my meds as well. As soon as it is we can start on mine as well after we do a few tests including a bioposy since this is a trail drug they need all the info about me and my cancer.

As for our weekend we went to see Pussin Boots on saturday morning with the Lexi Helping from Heaven Foundation, the kids got popcorn and soda and a free movie. This was for all special needs families, they kept the lights up and the sound down so kids who dont like the dark or loud noise could enjoy the movie as well. I was cute and we enjoyed it, then we went to have mexican food for lunch, Eva enjoyed the spanish rice.

After lunch we came home and I went to take some maternity photos, she is due anyday now and I am so excited since I get to go to the hospital and take the new baby pics!! FRESH OUT OF THE PACKAGE!!! HEE HEE!!

I am excited about Thanksgiving coming and cooking some yummy food, I am so glad I can eat again and enjoy it!!
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