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Good visit:0)

Posted Feb 23 2010 12:00am
Monday's visit with Dr. Butto went pretty good. Vaeh couldn't wait to "see Dr. Butto!" But actually I think she was much more excited to see the echo room... & her bestest friend - gel!!

When we arrived, the girls were all in disbelief of how big Vaeh has gotten! Its been 3 months since she was there last. Since November, she's gained a pound and a half, & grown 3/4 of an inch! I assured them that her attitude is growing with her body;0)! It was so cute to see her say "hi" to everyone!

We, of course, had to have our usual round of bubble-blowing while waiting our turn for the echo. She just loves bubbles, & a while back they were the only way to keep her semi-calm during her visits. So the girls all know that "Nevaeh likes her bubbles!"

I'll bet she asked about a dozen times before we finally made it, but the common question of the day was "I go play with gel now?" I was so very thankful when we did make it to the room, as the technician we had is the best at this particular office!! I had even said a quick "please, Lord" for Megan to be working today. Again I have to say, "don't tell me prayer doesn't work!!" (LoL) Once in the echo room, we met Brad. He was a young man doing a clinical rotation in his training to become an echo technician... and he was great with Vaeh!! You could tell by the way he interacted with her that he is very good with kids!!

So, during the echo as Megan is explaining different things to Brad (cause you know Vaeh is just so straight forward... HA!!) Megan became Miss V's personal gel supplier! We took the approach of "if it keeps her happy, lets go with it." Lets just say by the time they were finished with the echo, Vaeh had gel from fingertip to fingertip, chin to stomach! Of course, I was too engrossed in the actual echo to remember to take pictures of her... maybe next visit.

Speaking of the next visit, we get to wait - are you ready? ... 4 MONTHS!!! Maybe we'll be able to make it to 6 month visits yet:0) Her pressures are again unchanged, so we're status quo on everything for right now. Dr. Butto mentioned that he was considering decreasing her revatio, but since there wasn't any change (or lowering) in the pressure, that we would just kinda leave things where they are for right now. It made me feel good knowing that long term, he is looking to get her off the meds, just not ready yet. I did ask him about the possibility of a cath to stent & he said that its really not an option at this point. So for right now, the meds are the path we need to take!

So, we just have to sit back & enjoy life for the next 4 months until our next "date" with the good doctor! Her next appointment is June 28th, so summer... here we come!
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